Technical Advisor – Competitiveness for Employment-oriented MSME Promotion Job in Amman – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Job Description

The ” Employment-oriented MSME Promotion” in Jordan is seeking a “Technical Advisor – Competitiveness for Employment-oriented MSME Promotion” – on a full time base employment.
The position holder is responsible for:

  • Jointly with the Head of Field of Activity 1, managing activities in Field of Activity 1 aiming to improve the foundations for MSME competitiveness in three selected sectors of the Jordanian economy (likely food processing, tourism, and ICT).
  • Providing professional advisory services to partner institutions in Field of Activity 1 especially regarding the development and implementation of strategies for sectoral improvement as well as for developing and institutionalizing cooperation mechanisms. This involves e.g. the promotion of technical exchange within sectors as well as the improvement of business relations between MSMEs within the selected sectors and with related sectors.
  • Ensuring proper monitoring and reporting of outcomes and employment figures in Field of Activity 1 and supporting the development of information and communication products.
  • Establishing synergies and ensuring good collaboration with other Field of Activities within the project, as well as with relevant projects under the GIZ umbrella and those of other donors.
  • Feeding into and updating the project monitoring system.
  • Developing and updating project management tools within the MSME project, including stakeholder maps, work plans, etc.
  • Supporting fulfillment of reporting requirements, including regular reporting to BMZ and other project stakeholders.
  • Contributing to innovation and knowledge management; maintaining a good flow of communication and information between all involved institutions, counterparts and GIZ.
  • Performing other relevant tasks and duties as requested by management.

Background on GIZ and the “Employment-oriented MSME Promotion” Project
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a German development cooperation agency that provides services in the field of international development cooperation all around the world. As a federally-owned enterprise, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.
The “Employment-oriented MSME Promotion” project will contribute to inclusive economic growth as envisaged in Jordan’s national vision and strategy “Jordan 2025“. Its aim is to improve growth opportunities for private enterprises in order to boost employment, income and private sector growth.
Jordan’s economy and labour market are dominated by a large public sector. The private sector is small – 92% of it is made up of rather unstable micro enterprises that frequently lack innovation. Another indicator of a rather frail private sector and labour market is the unemployment rate, which amounts to 15.5% overall and to 25% among young people. The number of new jobseekers currently entering the labour market is double that of new jobs created. In addition, Syrian refugees are seeking employment on the formal and informal labour market. A recruitment freeze in the public sector has increased pressure on existing institutions and the labour market. The regulatory framework with its high costs for formalisation and complex procedures hampers business start-ups and development. Under these circumstances, private enterprises are frequently unable to stabilise their business model, increase productivity, plan beyond the local sales market, recruit suitable labour and initiate innovations.
The project designs and implements interventions in three fields of activity and within three selected sectors, likely tourism, ICT and food manufacturing. In field of activity (1) “Enhancing competitiveness in selected economic sectors,” the project seeks to improve the foundations for competitiveness in the three selected sectors of the Jordanian economy. In field of activity (2) “Improving the skills of MSME employees and owners in the selected sectors,” the project will aim at improving the expertise of staff at micro, small and medium enterprises in selected areas. Field of activity (3) “Improving the business and investment climate in the selected sectors” is designed to help improve the conditions for doing business and investing in the selected sectors.

Job Details

Job Location
Amman, Jordan

Company Industry
Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit

Company Type
Employer (Private Sector)

Job Role
Support Services

Employment Type
Full Time Employee

Monthly Salary Range

Number of Vacancies

Job Ref.

Preferred Candidate

Career Level

Years of Experience
Min: 7

Residence Location

Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma

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